Startup packages

Is this the package for you?

If you are a new (or small) business with a limited budget and you want to get started with your own website, but don’t know how, or what or where… help is at hand!

The Simple Web Company has a range of Startup Websites that you can choose from… and its 4 easy steps from there :

  1. Purchase your hosting and domain name (I can advise you on this if you need it)
  2. Choose your preferred look from our fixed range of Startup Websites – details below; we then discuss any extras you need & prepare a quote. (e.g. you can request for the colour palette to be updated; you add your own content and images – or we quote to do that for you)
  3. Pay for the site, send over your hosting and domain details – and we’ll book in a time slot to give you your new Startup Website & a short tutorial so you can manage your website content.
  4. Tell everyone about your new business!

I did not know where to start with my new website and it would have taken me ages to read up or watch the necessary tutorials to build my own website the way I wanted it. A quick call with Tracey helped me get started.

Claudia Meyer-Scott, Meyer-Scott Consulting

Popular Templates

Choose from these designs

“Consultant” template

“Fashion” template

“Craft studio” template

“Coffee shop” template

“Interiors” template

“Bakery” template

“Business” template

“Health Practitioner” template

(Note : I’ve named the designs to be able to easily identify them, BUT you can use ANY design for any business. Choose the look & colour you like & then we can add your text and images to make it uniquely yours !)

Ready to get started?

Contact me to book in a chat & lets get your new website up and running!!
  • All the Startup sites start from the same basic price. This is for 4 main pages + 2 legal pages.
  • I will adjust the quote if you want more pages or simple customisations.
  • Read the “Whats Included” section in the next tab.
  • You can request a more customised  quote if you want me to add in your content & images for you.
  • Each design contains 4 website pages to get your business started – including beautifully designed Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact pages, in a range of colour palettes.
  • Behind the scenes are 2 vital Legal Page templates, as well as basic website security.
  • Guidance through the process from someone who has helped many clients over the years to get online smoothly and simply
  • Advice and guidance on purchasing your own domain and hosting
  • A simple starter website and blog with content management system, to which you add your own content
  • A clear, uncluttered template to which we add your logo
  • Your site will be ready for you to add in SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Ready to comply with GDPR Cookie laws + a Privacy Policy (you need to supply your own legal text for your business’s specific Data Protection policies).
  • You get a 1/2 hour tutorial session (using Screenshare software) to get you up to speed so you can start adding in your own content.
  • A website that you are in full control of so you can manage your website budget and your business
  • Your new website is mobile friendly from the outset
  • An online “face” to your business that reflects your new brand, and which is on a brilliant platform from which to grow your website as you grow your business
  • A smart addition to your marketing tool kit – your website is the face of your business; make sure it matches the message you want to get out there!
  • Knowing your site is set up properly, and that there is someone able to look after you if you need that support in the future
  • Adding in your web content
  • Creating a simple text-based logo for you
  • Adding in automated backups
  • Google integration for traffic stats & security
  • Extra tuition on how to use the site
  • A licenced version of the page building software
  • Setting up an email address on your new domain
  • your domain name – you can buy one here
  • your hosting – you can buy a package here ; I recommend the AMETHYST package
  • We don’t add in your content – but you can request an additional quote if you want me to add in your content for you.
  • email configuration for Outlook, iPhone etc. I’ll provide the info you need, but you’ll need to do the actual setup. Or I can put you in touch with my email guru who does awesome stuff with emails!!
  • SEO / keyword research. The site will be READY for SEO to be applied to it… but the SEO itself is extra (through an agency)
  • this package doesn’t include automated backups, plugin support, ongoing support ; I do have a variety of support packages and retainers which I can tell you about if you’d like further help.
  • Fully legal content for the legal pages. You get basic starter templates BUT you must update them to comply with your local law and what your business is.
  • Updates and support for the theme and page builder. This is provided “as is”; it is an excellent premium theme from Elegant Themes . (However if you purchase support packages from me in future, I can use my licence to update the theme as we’ll be working together.)

  • the work will be started as soon as your domain name and hosting are available and your payment has cleared;
  • you need to provide your own text (copy) and images. You must have the legal right to use all images on your site. NOTE: all images provided in the designs are approved for use by anyone, They are taken by Elegant Themes and provided to owners of their developer licences, of which I am one.
  • as part of the deal, I will hand over full admin details to your site – it’s your site, not mine – you should be in charge! However, you will be responsible for backups and anything else after that point unless you take further support packages with me 🙂
  • With some recommendations, I may earn a small commission – but I only recommend products and services that I use myself and know to be worthwhile recommending.
  • Full Terms & Conditions here