Agency work

The Simple Web Company also does agency work for a communications/PR agency, providing sites of varying complexity for their clients.

Connected Living London

A partnership between TfL (Transport for London) and a large property developer, redeveloping brownfield sites in London.

The Walnuts Shopping Centre

The developer needed a consultation site, allowing residents to engage with the consultation and planning process, and to communicate updates throughout the project.

40 & 63-81 Pelham St

The Wellcome Trust is redeveloping 2 properties in Pelham Street & needed a consultation website for these 2 projects, which are expected to run up till 2024.

Quayside Barking

The developer Ecoworld London is redeveloping a property on the River Roding in Barking & Dagenham in conjunction with Tesco & various partners. They needed a short-term consultation website for the  project.

Direct clients

These are websites created for direct clients – a mix of brand new and refreshed sites.

Forkful Food

Ruth Weighill’s original website was damaged, and she went for a complete brand her and website refresh. We simplified everything so her clients can find the food in just one click – so important 🙂

“The Simple Web company will be the only company we will recommend from now on! The high standards, the level of detail, patience (for a non tec!) and competitive prices make it the best website company we have worked with to date!”

Francesca Overy-Brewer, SOS Heating & Plumbing


Louise Cardon

Louise is a long-standing client; she wanted her website refreshed after she rebranded her business. She has positioned herself as “The Queen of Calm” and the lovely website reflects that.

Entering the Golden Room

Catherine had a lush brand created which she wanted reflected on the website too.

Cairns Holistic Homeopathy

Francesca wanted a bright & fresh look for her new business, hence the combination of turquoise with burnt orange for a bit of drama.


Sara needed a fresh and mobile responsive site for her long-established business. This vibrant & fresh site replaced a very dated one that was about 13 years old, and not serving her business well.

Berkshire Hathaway Life

This international subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company had an unsatisfactory site & The Simple Web Company was asked to update it & support the website long term.

Susan Morgan Psychotherapy

After Susan qualified as a psychotherapist, she needed a website for her new practice. We used a Startup Package template to start & added in some bespoke work for her a new online presence.

The Conscious Co.

Anne had a fresh new brand created for her decades-old business. She wanted reflected on the website too, so we did a complete refresh of the very date original website.

Helen Vangikar, toxicology consultant

Helen had a very old, outdated site that was impossible to maintain. We refreshed the branding, look and user experience for her website.

OPT for learning

This was a website refresh for my client Coreen. In the decade that we have been working together she has rebranded several times (and changed her services) & has had website refreshes each time, to keep things fresh and up to date.

Provence Seasons

This client has a couple of rental properties in Provence, in the souhth of France. She had an old website that didn’t show off the properties well, so we redesigned everything and included larger and brighter images to entice holiday makers!

Parmenters Cleaning Services

David, the owner of Parmenters, desparately needed helping moving his website & emails from on old setup that wasn’t serving his business. A fresh new look that matches his branding, and ongoing techsupport, has taken the papin away from his website.

Angelucci Coffee

This London coffee roastery started in the 1920’s and needed to get online quickly due to the global pandemic, with an ecommerce store to keep their national & international clients in coffee 🙂

Mary Gorton Design

Mary’s old website was out of date & didn’t function on mobiles due to its age. This refreshed design now showcases a lot of Mary’s design work to the standard she needs for such a visual business.


Nathalie is a long-standing client of The Simple Web Company, and has had a few iterations of her website as her business has grown and then completely changed direction.

Wimbledon Park Montessori School

Clare & her team needed help to get a new site up & running to facilitate better communication with parents of their pupils, as well as showcasing the school. The new-look site gives a much better user experience.

Splash of Light – lighting designer

Virginie works with architects and interior designers with high-end clients, and needed a website that would reflect the quality of her designs, and the end results.

Bryair Mechanical

James needed their old site modernised to be able to publish multiple case studies of all the projects they’ve done in recent years. using professional photography to enhance their brand & website.


Another long-standing client, Liz needed a complete technical and brand refresh to bring her business’s online presence into the 21st century.

Tufnell Park Pilates

Ruth needed a website for her new Pilates studio. She had very clear requirements for colours, and wanted a drawing done by a family member to be incorporated into the logo.

Ahead Together

Victoria is an executive and leadership coach, and wanted to showcase her business in an easy-to-navigate way, with her free giveaway featuring prominently. The blues & greens reflect her corporate clientele.

SOS Heating & Plumbing

SOS’s original website was out of date and could be updated, so they wanted a brand new webite to reflect their refreshed branding & to improve their customer experience.

Computer Fitness

Sylvie wanted a brand new site that could use her original branding from the old out-of-date website. This refreshed version gives her and her customers a much better experience.

Former clients

Some vibrant visual creations .

Katrina Holden, wellbeing coach

Kat had her sparkly website designed by a designer, and then got The Simple Web Company to implement it – gorgeous!

Essencial – executive coaching

The client wanted the site to be predominantly red and white, without being too garish. She wanted it to reflect the drama of her Spanish background, in a very bold colour.

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