Do you even know where to start to create your first website?

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the world of work and employment – and in the UK alone, thousands of people are having to (or wanting to) start their own business, as their working worlds have changed beyond recognition.

We’re all online now, right?

So how do YOU get your business online with your first website if you don’t know what to do, where to start, or even how much it will cost?

When you go into a new environment, it can be pretty scary if you don’t know the right words, or the best sequence in which to do things – soI decided to try & do something to help!

Getting to grips with websites

Firstly… who am I?

I’m Tracey Rissik, and I started my business, The Simple Web Company, back in 2008 – and I help people with their websites.

Over the years, I’ve trained dozens and dozens of my clients to use their websites, and the sense of relief that they experience when they realise it’s easier when they have the right teacher, made me decide to expand what I teach so that I can help more people … in particular those who are starting out and don’t always have the budget (yet!) for a bespoke website.

Tracey Rissik

Thus was born the “Website Jumpstart Checklist”!

It aims to help you to make a good and well planned start to your own website – by putting your top priorities in the right order so you have a good chance of success as you get your website set up for your new venture.

Are you wondering why you need this checklist?

If you want to get your business website up & running, you need a To Do list that you can use to break down your plan & execute each step. This will give you confidence that you have thought of everything (or at least will have it on the list).

So let’s get started!