I’ve recently launched  a free e-book, which I’ve called my Website Jumpstart Checklist. It’s quite a departure from what I’ve done in my business for the last 13 or 14 years (check out my portfolio here to see what I’ve been busy with), so I thought I’d write a bit about what it is & why I decided to create it, and who I want to help.

For quite a few years, at the back of my mind I’ve had the idea of doing some training around websites, but I never quite got enough energy to turn it into anything consequential. I dabbled with running a weekend workshop, with a guy who knew SEO well, about 8 or 9 years ago which was well received, but neither of us really had the time or inclination to take it further, so the ideas just stayed in my mind.

Then earlier this year I took a masterclass about creating courses, and something just clicked – it felt like the right time to expand what my business does and get a course out there! So I signed up for the Captivating Courses training after the masterclass, and here I am, promoting the first part of that learning process.

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the world of work and employment – and in the UK alone, thousands of people are having to (or wanting to) start their own business, as their former working worlds have changed beyond recognition. I have had some of those people call me up to chat about websites, and in cases where they don’t have the budget to hire a professional it felt sad to say no to them, and just leave them to try & figure it all out for themselves. 

Thus was born the idea for my free e-book! If I can’t provide free websites, at least I can provide a free guide to make sure people understand the important things they need to do/take into consideration, and they will have a stronger foundation than if they tried to find bits & pieces of information themselves from all over the internet. If you have some sort of road map, you have a better chance of reaching your destination!

When starting out, some people I speak to don’t have a clue about hosting and domains, or what the difference between them is. And some think you just have to jump straight in and start building something, anything, just to get found. They don’t understand the crucial steps of planning right at the very beginning – information gathering, decision making, creating a vision for your website and your business – these are just as integral to the success of your website as knowing what hosting is!

My checklist will be a catalyst for some people to take the plunge & go on a learning journey for themselves, which is wonderful. And for others, they will still want more help – and that’s the training course I’ll be developing over the next several weeks.

Aside from creating training to help people who might otherwise really struggle, I think it’s always a good idea to have several sources of income within a small business, and this is my way of starting this new income stream for myself.

One massive benefit of going through the pandemic lockdowns here in the UK is that it’s shown me (and so many others, of course!) that there is actually so much more we can do online and at a distance than many of us imagined would be possible before we HAD to! It has opened up the possibility that I can spend 3 or 4 months a year visiting my elderly parents & spend precious time with them, and STILL run my business.

So I would like to invite you to get in touch if you’d like to chat more about YOUR website, and sign up for the free checklist/e-book (below) if you’re just starting out!