Startup Survey


The Simple Web Company‘s mission is to help small and medium businesses to get the best out of having a website… even if they don’t know how or where to start!

I’m adding a new service to help brand new startup businesses on a small budget, to get a solid foundation website that will stand them in good stead until the business has more of a budget to invest in working with a Website Consultant or Designer.
To ensure I help with real issues, not ones I THINK are the real issues, I’m asking new businesses AND those that have been going a while, for a few thoughts about the process of getting online – whether you’re going through that now, or did in the past!

I would love to know what are the TOP 3 challenges/issues/problems encountered when you wanted to get your business online through your own website.

There are no right or wrong answers … these are the things that you wish you had known before you started, or the things you have struggled with while getting going …the sorts of things that you wish someone had told you might crop up!

Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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