Portfolio – Rebecca Perkins, Midlife Coach

Rebecca is an author, blogger & coach helping women through midlife transitions; in 2010 I replaced Rebecca’s old site, but it needed refreshing and to be made mobile-friendly in 2015.





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“I had been writing a blog for a number of years and had wanted to develop it further to make it a fully workable website where people could get access to my work as a coach. This was not something I cared to learn to do myself, I wanted to focus on my writing and to be honest I’m a bit of a technophobe!

I was introduced to Tracey and after a long phone conversation I decided to go ahead. Tracey understood what I was looking for, she spoke in plain English, she held my hand through the whole process making it a pleasure. She outlined each step clearly, what was required from me and how to go about doing it. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her, even my regular questions. We had skype tutorials (which were recorded – genius idea) so that I can now learn and go back over information in my time.

Tracey made the launching of my new website an exciting time for me.”

~ Rebecca Perkins

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