Portfolio – Olivia Bedier , School Britannia

Olivia wanted a new website for her brand new business in France, helping French families choose British summer camps and boarding schools for their children, and to get potential clients to engage with her.  In our initial brainstorming (coaching) sessions, we came up with the name of “School Britannia” (based on “Cool Britannia”), and we worked together ti create a very British-looking site that would appeal to a foreign audience. An added complexity was creating the site in two languages, French and English – and to have a unique and fun look for this client.


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“Tracey’s dynamic work demonstrated to me the difference between the professional and the amateur. Everyone who has seen my finished site has been extremely impressed and I am intensely proud of the finished result.

From the outset, I explained to Tracey I wanted to create a ‘shopfront’: a showcase to present my business, and this was achieved with the utmost efficiency. Not only did Tracey cope with the added complication of the dual language necessary for my site, and deal effortlessly with all the technical demands (and countless alterations) requested by me, but she also provided welcome creative input, helping me over tricky decisions and general dithering on my part.

It was a frenetic and intense period, with emails flying to and fro between us, but it was also very exciting to see the website take shape. I would never have been able to achieve anything like it without Tracey’s precious and professional help.”

~ Olivia Bedier , School Britannia

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