Portfolio – Michael Brown,
“Real Learning, For A Change”
& “My Job Isn’t Working!”

Michae Brown wanted a new look for his long-established website, “Real Learning, For A Change”. The old site was looking dated, was on a free platform that didn’t allow much scope for updating, and it didn’t reflect how Michael’s business had moved on over the years.In addition to this, Michael has written a book which he wants to promote and whip up a lot of interest in, through a second, smaller, site.

He is delighted with the fresh new look, and how the second site for his upcoming book, reflects a continuation of his brand and ethos.


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“Relaunching my site and creating a new one at the same time was always an ambitious plan, and Tracey pulled it off. She was wonderfully calm and reassuring, and brought her experience and insight to bear when it mattered most.

I would gladly recommend her to anyone thinking of doing the same. An extremely safe and friendly pair of hands.”

Michael Brown


One of the primary pages of the old site

The blog formed the home page of the old site – a very outdated way of doing things


The BOOK site:

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