Monthly 2 Hour website care package : payment

This page is where you set up your monthly subscription for support every month.

(The time used will be tracked using the online tracking tool, Toggl.)

Please only start this payment if you agree with the Terms & Conditions on the right –>

Click on “Subscribe” to set up your “2 hours per month” payment:


You will be returned to this page after processing your payment; you don’t need to do anything further as I will arrange things with you via email.

The Simple Web Company

IMPORTANT : Terms and conditions:

  1. This service covers 2 hours of general maintenance per month, for an initial term of 3 months.
  2. Should it be necessary to use more than this allotted time, I will get your go-ahead first, and billing for extra time will be done in arrears.
  3. Larger pieces of work which do not fall under “General maintenance” will be quoted for separately, unless the amount of work is small enough to fit in to billed period each per month.
  4. If you receive any error about your website backups failing, or any other sort of error messages, you must notify The Simple Web Company as soon as possible so that the issue can be investigated and rectified where applicable.
    (Please note that the backup licence software fee does not cover the costs for any support work; it is purely for the use and updated versions of the actual backup software.)
  5. If you choose to cease payments by cancelling this Paypal subscription, the support will run until the end of the current month of subscription, after which (unless you upgrade to a higher level of support) you will be completely responsible for the support/maintenance your website.
  6. You will grant me access to your website to perform all maintenance that is necessary to maintain the function and security of your website.
  7. The Simple Web Company (UK) Ltd will make every attempt to ensure the safety and security of your website, but no guarantees are made with regards to the website being hacked or compromised in any way. The Simple Web Company (UK) Ltd provides plugins, tools and advice in good faith, and will keep these up to date, and every attempt will be made to ensure your website’s continued functioning, but if work is required to recover the website after any intrusion or hacking attempt, that time will be extra and an estimate will be provided for the time taken to repair or recover the website. This support/maintenance subscription may cover a portion of the work required in such a circumstance, but any additional time will be billed as agreed at the time of such work being estimated.


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