Backups – annual licence subscription : £45

This page is where you set up your annual subscription for paying your automated backups licence fee.

The annual fee for your backup licence will start a year from processing the first payment.

Please only start this payment if you agree with the Terms & Conditions on the right –>

Click on “Subscribe:


You will be sent to a Thank You page after processing your payment; you don’t need to do anything further as I will do the necessary work to ensure your site is automatically backed up.

The Simple Web Company

IMPORTANT : Terms and conditions:

  1. Backups are only made of the WordPress site and associated files. Backups of other part of your hosting account remain your responsibility.
  2. If you receive any error about your backups failing, you must notify The Simple Web Company as soon as possible so that the error can be investigated and rectified. Please note that this licence fee does not cover the costs for any support work; it is purely for the use and updated versions of the actual software.
  3. This licence fee covers a year, or part thereof. If you terminate a payment during the year, no refund is possible as I pay for all licences in advance.
  4. If you choose to cease payments by cancelling your Paypal subscription, the licence will run until the end of the current year of subscription, after which the licence key will be revoked and backups will no longer be made. You will be completely responsible for backing up your website.
  5. You will grant me access to your website to remove the software should you choose to cease your subscription. Removal of the backup software will be done at no charge to you.